Portland Oregon Living Room Realty Realtor Chris Speth

Chris Speth: Portland Oregon Realtor & Real Estate Broker; Living Room Realty

Chris Speth has been serving Portland-area homeowners and property-investors since 1996. With impeccable service, Chris draws upon broad experience with remodels, property-conversions, as well as government-owned and foreclosed properties to provide an informed perspective on the Portland Real Estate market.

Portland, Oregon’s real estate market is full of hidden gems and incredibly unique craftsman homes, each full of character and charm that makes a house feel like your unique home. But “character” can sometimes equate to problems that can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars to resolve. Chris Speth has the experience and background to help you find properties with incredible opportunity and value, and avoid the pitfalls many others would never even see.

Chris worked extensively in real estate and property management before obtaining his Realty license in 1996. As the Principal project-manager for a property-management company, he oversaw years of HUD-cleanout projects, giving him “boots-in-the-basement” experience with literally hundreds of local properties, and direct exposure to every conceivable thing that can go wrong with a structure. Chris has the expeience to identify and provide insight regarding common Portland home-repair issues, including:

  • buried heating-oil tanks
  • “party-line” sewer connections, and other sewer-line issues
  • antiquated galvanized-steel water pipes
  • structural and foundation issues, seismic standards
  • dryrot, termite, and pest issues
  • title, easement, BDS, and lot-layout considerations

Decades of direct experience with remodels, conversions, and multi-unit residential property projects has also provided Chris with the opportunity to develop relationships with a broad network of highly-qualified and experienced contractors. Working with Portland’s best craftsmen, inspectors and tradespeople has given Chris an uncanny knack for pinpointing the costs for many kinds of repairs and upgrades that a homeowner may face. When evaluating a prospective property, Chris can provide extremely accurate and helpful rough-estimates on-the-fly, giving you an accurate sense of the “down-the-road” costs associated with any property.

Residential Real Estate for Close-in Portland Neighborhoods:

Southeast neighborhoods:

  • Hawthorne
  • Belmont
  • Division
  • Clinton, and southeast nighborhoods out to the Mt. Tabor area

Northeast Portland neighborhoods:

  • Hollywood
  • Irvington
  • Alameda Ridge
  • Alberta-Arts

North Portland neighborhoods:

  • Mississippi
  • Overlook
  • Arbor Lodge
  • University Park

Southwest Portland neighborhoods:

  • Barbur-area
  • Sylvania-area
  • Hillsdale

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